Frequently Asked Questions - a collection of answers to our most commoly asked questions.

Q1. How long does typical paver installation last?

A1. The installation of pavers varies based on the size of the job. However, once the project begins it's usually only a matter of days on-site. If we are special ordering pavers for your project, it may take longer for the products to arrive at our showroom.

Q2. Is a permit needed for my job?

A2. Permits are generally needed if work is being performed either in the right of way or easment.

Q3. Can your pavers go over my existing concrete surface such as a driveway or pool deck?

A3. Pavers can be utilized over most concrete surfaces with the exception of the driveway because they will crack. This decision will be made on a case by case basis to ensure that the option we use is going to work out best in the long run.

Q4. What type of payments do we accept?

A4. We accept cash, checks as well as Visa and Mastercard.

Q5. Do my pavers need to be sealed?

A5. Paver sealing is an option, it is not necessary however it will enhance the beauty of the pavers.

Q6. Do I have to call another company to move sprinklers or plants?

A6. No, we can provide theses services so that you will not have to rely on more than one company.

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